A Family Tradition

In Memory of Douglas 1952 - 2013

Susie's Garden Patch, is situated in the small town of Garden Prairie, IL on Highway 20.

We start the season with Asparagus, and end the 6 month season with Pumpkins and Fall Squash.

Susie's Garden Patch was started by Douglas and Susan Silberhorn in 1985. They raised their 3 girls on the farm. Mary, the youngest along with her Husband are now the owners and operators of this small town country farm. We believe in old fashion fun, and have old fashion morals and values. As Mary and Kevin continue to farm, they are working towards making us more sustainable, so future generations can enjoy the freshness of the crops raised at Susie's Garden Patch.

Susie's is known for a fun day at the farm, that is inexpensive, and enjoyable.

Susie's Garden Patch grows luscious strawberries and vegetables sprayed with the lowest amounts of chemicals possible. It can be challenging for us to grow fruit and vegetables that way, but it's important to us that you have pure, delicious, worry-free vegetables that's safe to eat!

We are not a "box" store and we don't have aisles and aisles of generic food items. We have open fields, animals in the pasture and a International tractor parked at the side door. We sell what we grow, we pick it the day it is ripe, we allow our customers to go to the fields to pick for themselves and we encourage them to ask questions and meet our families.

We are not organic, however; we use organic practices along with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and sustainable practices.

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Louise R. Says...

LOVE Susie!!! Just got the best looking tomatoes....finding it difficult to wait until I get home to eat them!


Joanna S. Says...

I have been going there since I moved to Rockford 15 years ago! It's the best!!


Katie E. Says...

Susie's has the BEST corn on the cob. My daughter loves going to Susie's to pick out pumpkins.


Pick the Freshest and Taste the Sweetest

Come and see the goodness that is locally grown produce. We at Susie's invite you to share an old fashioned day on the farm.